Breeding stock

Have you ever been to the Magas-Bakony? It is amazing.

However, for us it so much more: it provides a perfect home for our pedigreed Charolais cattle bred by us. Our farm is in the neighborhood of the Landscape Protection Area of Magas-Bakony, where the grazing cattle fits perfectly into the landscape of rich green fields full of herbs, shady groves.

The microclimate here is ideal for the Charolais breed: the weather is cool and rainy, the atmosphere is humid. The high number of sunny hours is advantageous for the growing of the special plants of this region: green grass for grazing, valuable herbs, hay. All these are the aliment for our cattle, contributing to their health, fertility, and their tasty meat. Our experience in the cultivation of plants and the excellent weather and climate conditions help us to give our animals exclusively the forage produced and harvested by us.

We perform our breeding activity in this perfect environment, exclusively with our registered, pedigreed Charolais breeding stock. From early spring to late autumn, the animals are in the pasture where the supplementary forage and covered place are provided for them, and in winter also stables are available for them.

The calves are born and grown up on the dewy pastures, in the undisturbed mountain air, under continuous supervision, treatment and regular veterinary control, so we breeding animals and beef-cattle with excellent resistance, stable health and easy handling. The high level of professional qualification, experience and vocation of our veterinaries greatly contributes to this.

We organize and control our breeding activity according to the most modern methods, procedures, and the bloodline of the animals bred by us can be tracked from the start. Our purebred Charolais cattle carry the value of health and quality through generations.

Breeding bull

Our bulls form the reliable base of our breeding stock. They are effective which is proven by the number and health of the calves bred by us. Their stable health, regular, good leg structure, wide and deep chest, wide and perfectly muscled, straight back proves their excellent genetics.

The continuously controlled breeding, the natural mating and the insemination guarantee the genetics of bulls. They have a good adaptability, the environment and the weather does not influence them. When choosing the ideal bull, with the help of the progeny analysis, healthy calves are born with great growth potential, good constitution. It is also a priority for us that the delivery process of cows shall be realized the smoothest way possible, and that we get calves with great growth capability.

Breeding heifer

From our pedigreed breeding stock, the breeding heifers have excellent genetics, they are healthy, mild-mannered, they have all documentation, and provide a good base for a high-standard breeding farm. They can adapt easily to extreme conditions and they deliver wonderful calves, they excellently inherit their genetic values.

Our heifers have a correct structure, they are well muscled and have a level of development corresponding to their age. The calves from the genetic stock of the breeding farm of AgroQ Kft have a great growth potential and they are strong, thanks to the perfect conditions of keeping and the superb maternal instincts and raising skills of the Charolais breed.

The following live animals can be ordered from our breeding stock:

  • bull calf
  • pregnant heifer
  • heifer
  • breeding bull